Individuals and professionals,


Femme piscine

Do you need a private chauffeur,
 a bilingual babysitter, a housekeeper,
a bodyguard or a personal assistant? Want to get away from it all? Book
a private jet, yacht or helicopter,
 or keep your travels discreet and hassle-free?

We are fully equipped to live up to your expectations as quickly as possible!

Our agency offers

a wide range of services
  • Asset management

  • Personal assistant (24/7 if desired)

  • Administrative assistance (visa, residence card, vehicle registration, school enrolment, insurance)

  • Various escorts (personal shopping, interior design, cars, medical specialists, administrative appointments, embassy, prefecture etc…)

  • Translation (administrative papers, quotes, bills, certified documents)

  • Professional transport (hotel, flight, restaurants, taxi, private chauffeur wherever you are)

  • Housekeeper, bilingual babysitter, bodyguard, sports coach

  • Private jet

  • Yacht charter (rental, purchase)

  • Luxury car rental with private chauffeur

    And more….